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August 98

This file is a list of items added to the UMBC agents pages this month and is in maintained chronological order.
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VirtualPersonalities,Inc., founded by Michael Mauldin and Peter plantec, is developing a line of software based on the concept of a Verbot -- a Verbal Software Robot or a Verbally enhanced Chatterbot. Verbots have an animated face and a personality and use enhansed eliza-like techniques to carry on conversations in natural language. Enhansements include activation levels on the patteren-response rules as well as mechanisms to develop and control a conversation context and do simple scripting. Anticipated applications include enhanced interfaces and teaching. Several inexpensive products are available (and a free demo), all of which require a Windows environment. In addition, a $99 CD will be available to schools which contains multiple licenses for two Verbots, example scripts for demonstrating ways teachers can present material and documentation.

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