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December 97

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Agents on the Web: Catalyst for E-Commerce

Ovum offers a report entitled Agents on the Web: Catalyst for E-Commerce, (Christine Guilfoyle, Judith Jeffcoate and Heather Stark, April 1997, 300 pages, US$2220) which "explains how to position yourself in the emerging world of agent-based Web commerce.". Ovum's vision is that "Agent technology promises to make the Web a more effective medium for e-commerce. Personal agents will help buyers customise the product options they see, and the goods, content and services they receive. Data mining agents will help suppliers improve the way they target their customers. These agent innovations combine into a powerful feedback loop refining the design of services by analysing interactions and transactions. Buyers and sellers will operate in new virtual markets, brokered by agents. Whose agents will control transactions? Buyer agents threaten to commoditise products, making price the only differentiator. Supplier agents threaten privacy." They have available a free white paper -- Agents on the Web: Catalyst for e-commerce - A white paper, by Heather Stark, which begins ... "Agents are a catalyst for commerce on the Web. The key to the 'agent effect' is the way that agents can be used to provide customised content, interaction and services. There is a strong affinity between the Web - a world-wide distributed computing environment - and the capability of agents to act on and through software. Agents will accelerate the evolution of the Web from a passive, static, pull medium, to a tuned, high- value environment." 12/1/97

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