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July 1999

This file is a list of items added to the UMBC agents pages this month and is in maintained chronological order.
1999: July,
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ai-cbr is a site devoted to case based reasoning which aims to provide a comprehensive information base to Case-Based Reasoning academics and commercial developers. Through the dissemination of information it is hoped a stronger world-wide community of people interested in Case-Based Reasoning will be fostered and the commercial use of Case-Based Reasoning will increase. ai-cbr was formed in 1994 as an electronic mail forum. Membership of the mailing list rapidly grew to 400 people world-wide and the web site followed one year later. ai-cbr's activities are supported, in part, by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. ai-cbr has close links with the British Computer Society's Specialist Group on Expert Systems & Applied AI (SGES) and together they host an annual UK CBR Workshop. It is currently directed by Ian Watson.

Agent Oriented
Information Systems

Gerd Wagner ( of the University of Leipzig has started a page devoted to agent oriented information systems . You can find the slides of the AOIS'99 invited talks, and a workshop report kthere as well as information another workshop to be held next year in conjunction with the Int. Conf. on Advanced IS Engineering (CAiSE*00, see

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