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September 1996

This file is a list of items added to the UMBC agents pages this month and is in maintained chronological order. Past months: October 1996, September 1996, August 1996, July 1996, June 1996, May 1996, April 1996, March 1996, February 1996, January 1996, December 1995, November 1995, October 1995, September 1995, August 1995 and before.

Symposium on ontological engineering

Symposium on ontological engineering, AAAI 1997 Spring Symposium Series, March 24 - 26, 1997, Stanford University, California. This symposium will contribute to the continuum of current research, by focusing on the practical aspects of ontology development and use including tools, methodologies, and engineering practice. This is a symposium rather than a mini-conference. We solicit papers (see below), but at the symposium itself the emphasis will be on sharing experiences with ample time for all participants to contribute to the discussion. Submission deadline October 25. 9/26/96

Personal AltaVista search engine

From Netsurfer Digest: Vol. 02, #30 (HTML)

"Are you enamored of Web Search Engines? Wouldn't it be great if you could search your own documents the same way? You can, with Digital's "AltaVista Search My Computer Private eXtension" free beta software for Win95. Using the same technology as Digital's excellent public engine, you can index and search your hard disk. The software also recognizes both Microsoft Exchange and Eudora mailboxes, which can be handy if you are using Eudora Light with its lame one-at-a-time search capabilities. Results are displayed in a table that lets take a quick peek or launch an application. The same desktop interface allows you to search the Web without launching your browser. The downside to this is the huge index files, which appear to be about half the size of the indexed data. If you've got the spare space, though, it's worth it - this baby is fast." 9/26/96


Webcatcher is a free service which emails subscribers weekly lists of new URL's which are relevant to their interest chosen from a fixed set of about 100 possible topics. 9/15/96

Organic programming

The Cooperative Architecture Research Group of ETL has released GAEA, Version 1 -- An Organic Programming Language. ``Organic programming'' is a new software methodology modeled after the flexibility of organic systems such as plants and animals. It was developed at ETL with the goal of providing mechanisms for situated inference by software agents that perform computations in cooperation with each other. 9/6/96

Infospheres Infrastructure

The Caltech Infospheres Infrastructure (II) is a distributed system framework that is implemented in Java. It provides a generic object model and a variety of messaging models: asynchronous, synchronous, and remote procedure calls. This system is freely available so that researchers and developers can develop lightweight distributed systems that can leverage open standards and the world wide web. Caltech is developing methodologies that take advantage of the system's design so that reasoning on entire distributed systems is feasible. With these methodologies, one can say something about the reliability, completeness, and robustness of a distributed system as a whole. The II is being extended to support interoperability with other distributed system models and to utilize emerging standards in the Java domain. Because the system is designed and implemented in a generic manner, the ideas, algorithms, and theories developed within the II framework are directly applicable to existing distributed systems and frameworks. 9/4/96

Alife Games

Artificial Life Games Homepage edited by L. Pagliarini, Institute of Psychology of the C.N.R. (National Research Council) in Rome, Italy. "Welcome to the Artificial Life Games Homepage that contains informations about Games developed by the means of ALife techniques. You can find all links and addresses of people involved in this kind of activity. Moreover, some good links to people, all around the world, that work on ALife Demos (and ALife in general) can be found." 9/3/96

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