• The ARGO vehicle will be demonstrated at the next Odissée 21, Rouen (F), October 18-24, 2001.

  • The new brochure of the ARGO Project is available on-line.

  • The ARGO vehicle will be demonstrated at the next ITS World Congress, Turin, next November. It will be possible to ride on the vehicle along the track made available to us by CRF (Fiat Research Center).

  • Information regarding the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, Detroit, Oct 3-5, 2000, (the Program Chair is Alberto Broggi from the University of Pavia) is available on line.

  • The demonstration held on september 16, 1999, (Parma-Bologna with no hands on the wheel) was a success: the italian national television was there and reported the event during the main News programs. The images of that demonstration are available on-line (courtesy of Gazzetta di Parma).

  • The ARGO vehicle has been exposed at the next AI*IA Conference (Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence Conference) and has been demonstrated to the public with a ride from Parma to Bologna driven in automatic mode. The consolidated Road Following functionality as well as the new Platooning (the automatic following of a the preceeding vehicle) functionality was demonstrated. Check here for the schedule.

  • The movies section contains two very long MPEG movies (with sound and music) that appeared on the Italian National Television (RAI) and on Parma local television (TV Parma). Each of them is about 25 Megabytes long but -believe me- they are worth downloading!

  • The results and the experience of the ARGO project, as well as other similar projects worldwide, are now described in a book, published by World Scientific Co. Publisher: "Automatic Vehicle Guidance: The Experience of The ARGO Autonomous Vehicle".

    The book cover

    It is possible to download the flyer in pdf (174k) or in postscript (990k).

  • The movies section contains a new long MPEG movie (with sound) describing the whole project. It is a bit long (20Megabytes) but it is worth downloading!

  • The ARGO vehicle has been presented at the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, Stuttgart, Oct 28-30, 1998.

  • We are currently beginning the second phase of the ARGO project and are looking for sponsors and/or for joint research projects.

  • You can find the MilleMiglia in Automatico photo album on-line.

  • It is available on line the description and the official data of the MilleMiglia in Automatico Tour:
    it contains the statistics about the tour and the description of the main problems/bottlenecks encountered during the 6 days test.