Images of ARGO

This page shows the history of ARGO with images

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ARGO licence plate

ARGO from different positions as it was when we bought it
The exterior of ARGO

Then we added a pair of blue eyes to our vehicle...
External and internal views of the cameras

... and let him see the world
Left and Right views from ARGO's stereo cameras

We painted a grid on a segment of road
so that he can have some references
ARGO resting on the calibration road segment near
the entrance to the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione

Through an on-board monitor and
a pair of stereo speakers he can talk to us
Different views of the internal monitor

ARGO, though still young, was standing still.
We added an electric engine, and
he begun jumping and leaping for joy
The electric engine is installed on the steering column
and allows the vehicle to steer autonomously

Finally we designed ARGO's logo...
and I'm pretty sure now he's proud of us...
The stickers showing ARGO's logo

Finally we added a bunch of leds to
let him impress us with lights and colors
Two views of the led-based I/O control panel

Finally, here it is how ARGO interior looks like today...
The complete system

Anything missing? Yes, ARGO's best show!
ARGO during automatic driving