The Reseach Group

This 10+ years long research has been conducted by a large number of researchers, professionals, and students.
It is obviously very difficult to list them all, but we can try:
Gianni Conte,
the Head of the Department, under whose illuminated guidance the whole project started

Alberto Broggi,
the coordinator of the ARGO project, who made the MilleMiglia in Automatico a reality

Massimo Bertozzi,
the Linux guru, who knows every bit of Linux

Alessandra Fascioli,
whose unbelievable contribution was more than necessary to keep the project alive

Aurelio Piazzi and Corrado Guarino Lo Bianco,
The control experts who are working on the ARGO control systems to enhance and expand the ARGO performances.

Francesco Gregoretti, Leonardo Reyneri, Claudio Sansoè, Roberto Passerone, Vincenzo D'Andrea, Giulio Destri, Miguel Sanchiz

Students (doing their Master Thesis),
Piergiorgio Aimo, Simona Bertè, Andrea Torelli, Cristina Molinari, Denis Colla,Mattia Grossi, Pietro Bianchi, Stefano Castelluccio, Paolo Cocconi, Andrea Folli, Stefano Mora, Luigi Scaramuzza, Stefano Nichele

Other students,
too many to list them all...


We are grateful and indebted to a number of people, who contributed to this project in different ways:
  • The CNR - Progetto Finalizzato Trasporti II coordinators Ing. Chinaglia and Ing. Scognamiglio
  • The Director of the Civil Motorization Institute of Parma, Ing. Baldari
  • Drs. Sergio Temperi and Edmondo Pietranera (from TIM) who helped with funds and technical aids
  • Mrs. Lucia Caccioli who gave her voice to the ARGO system
  • The technical staff of Parma University, among which we would like to mention Mr. P.Peri, Mr. F.Saia and Mr. D.Salvini
  • Mr. M.Parmigiani, who contributed to the initial equipment of the vehicle
  • Mr. I.Reid for his precious hints about the Matrox Meteor programming in Linux
  • All people that directly or indirectly contributed to the ARGO project