MilleMiglia in Automatico:
Tour Description

                                The main goal of the MilleMiglia in Automatico tour is to demonstrate the state of a project in the field of Road Safety and to demonstrate that the integration of systems for automatic (or supervised) driving will be feasible in the near future.

The tour covered six days: departed from Parma on June 1, 1998, it passed through Piacenza, Torino, Milano, Pavia, Padova, Ferrara, Bologna, Ancona, Pescara, Roma, Firenze, Bologna, and headed back to Parma a week later, after driving for more than 2000 km in automatic mode.

A few intermediate stops were scheduled (Torino, Pavia, Ferrara, Ancona, Roma e Firenze), where demonstrations and seminars were given.

The details about the time schedule are available in a specific web page.

The results of the tour (statistics, critical analysis, bottlenecks, and problems) are available on-line.

In the world two other extensive tests have been conducted on public roads in the last few years: No Hands Across America by the CMU group (Pittsburgh, USA) and a trip from Munich (Germany) to Odense (Denmark) by the group of Universitat der Bundeswehr (Munich, Germany). The goal of our trip was to demonstrate that by using only visual information and low-cost general purpose hardware it is possible to automatically drive a vehicle under different road and environmental conditions.