Images of the MilleMiglia in Automatico Tour

This page shows the official images of the MilleMiglia in Automatico Tour

June 1, 1998
This is the complete team at the entrance of the A1 Highway in Parma.

June 2, 1998
At the entrance of the 'Galileo Ferraris' CNR Institute, Torino
from left to right: Alberto Broggi, Sandra Denasi, Giorgio Quaglia, Massimo Bertozzi, Gianni Conte, and Alessandra Fascioli. This photo was taken by Conrad Pipenburg, a photoreporter from Der Spiegel who came with us from Torino to Pavia for an interview.

June 2, 1998
At Pavia University.
Look at the large number of people that were attracted by ARGO show. You can also see Prof. G.Conte talking with Prof. V.Cantoni on the far left of the photo.

June 3, 1998
Ferrara University.
This is where we had the warmest welcome by an unbelievable crowd. The guy who is walking toward the camera is Massimo Piccardi (sorry, Massimo: this isn't a great shot!)

June 3, 1998
Stopping in a resting area for a sandwich.

June 3, 1998
Arrival in Ancona University.
There we found the Head of the University and the Head of the Engineering Faculty waiting for us. Look on the right hand side of the photo: that's a reporter from RAI, the Italian National Television

June 4, 1998
In a resting area just after Roma.
I wonder why in italian resting areas there's no shadow! We had to fight to take this wonderful place.

June 5, 1998
And finally in Florence University.
The guy on the right (not Massimo, the asian one) is a guy from Sony who was extremely interested by our project.

June 6, 1998
OK, ready to leave. Buckle up (even if there's no need to: ARGO will be driving!)

June 6, 1998
And finally, back to Parma University Campus.
There we found some reporters from our local newspaper (Gazzetta di Parma) for an interview.

June 1-6, 1998
Hey: just checking whether ARGO is driving on the correct route

June 1-6, 1998
Again: hands-free driving...

June 1-6, 1998
Automatic Driving (Photo Copyright C.Pipenburg - Koln, Germany); photo taken by the reporters of Der Spiegel who followed us for one leg of the Tour.